Dwight D. Eisenhower Middle School

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NAME Title Extension Email
Bailey, Meaghan Special Education  
Baker, Gary 8th Grade ELA 4551 gbaker@freeholdtwp.k12.nj.us
Baker, Kim CST 8839 kbaker@freeholdtwp.k12.nj.us
Baudo, Amanda 6th Grade Math 4563 abaudo@freeholdtwp.k12.nj.us
Beeler, Nancy Math Interventionist 4525 nbeeler@freeholdtwp.k12.nj.us
Bergen, Laura Special Education   lbergen@freeholdtwp.k12.nj.us
Blessing, Katie 8th Grade ELA 4542
Brophy, Laura Teacher Assistant   lbrophy@freeholdtwp.k12.nj.us
Brower, Kara CST 8850
Burroughs, Wendy Teacher Assistant  
Caiazza, Tom Physical Education 4587
Campion, Meghan 7th & 8th Grade Science 4550
Caputo, Robert 6th & 7th Grade Social Studies 4505 rcaputo@freeholdtwp.k12.nj.us
Carman, Chris 7th Grade Social Studies 4504
Chae, Dennis CST & School Psychologist 8832 dchae@freeholdtwp.k12.nj.us
Cisek, Stephanie 7th Grade Math 4527 scisek@freeholdtwp.k12.nj.us
Clavin, Joe 7th & 8th Grade Social Studies 4541 jclavin@freeholdtwp.k12.nj.us
Codispoti, Nina 8th Grade Math 4546
Cross, Barbara Lunch Aide    
Curcic, Stephanie Special Education 4501 scurcic@freeholdtwp.k12.nj.us
Dermon, Marcia Teacher Assistant  
DiStasi, Brian PFLSS 4507 bdistasi@freeholdtwp.k12.nj.us
DiStasi, Linda Principal's Secretary 4100 ldistasi@freeholdtwp.k12.nj.us
Diver, Joey Guidance Secretary 4106 jdiver@freeholdtwp.k12.nj.us
Dombrowski, Debbie Speech 4520
Durante, Greg Guidance (M-Z) 4107
Ellena, Mary Claire 8th Grade Math 4552
Erndl, Lexine 6th & 7th Grade Science 4508 lerndl@freeholdtwp.k12.nj.us
Etlinger, Peter Custodian  
Feldman, Christine Inst. Music 4535
Fern, Jennifer Instructional Coach Math and Science   jfern@freeholdtwp.k12.nj.us
Flickinger, Susan 6th Grade ELA 4568
Force, Lisa Media Specialist 4109 lforce@freeholdtwp.k12.nj.us
Gambino, Lori Principal 4110
Gardner, Elaine 7th Grade ELA 4519
Giarratano, Anthony Assistant Principal 4105
Goldstein, Scott Technology Integration Coordinator 4123
Gouveia, Mary Special Education 4500
Halligan, Ann ELA Interventionist 4571
Hanson, Patricia Office Assistant 4109
Hardy, Marilou Lunch Aide    
Height, Gatian 6th Grade Science 4509 gheight@freeholdtwp.k12.nj.us
Hinchliffe, Hallie 6th Grade ELA/Special Education 4569
Hoehman, Deborah ELA Interventionist  
Hoff, Eileen 6th Grade Math/Special Education 4566 ehoff@freeholdtwp.k12.nj.us
Holleran, Brianne 6th Grade Math 4560
Ioviero, Robyn 8th Grade Math 4543 rioviero@freeholdtwp.k12.nj.us
Jimenez, Luisa Spanish 4514
Kale, Tom 7th Grade Math 4521 tkale@freeholdtwp.k12.nj.us
Katz, Carmela 7th Grade Math 4528 ckatz@freeholdtwp.k12.nj.us
King, Debbie Nurse 4108 dking@freeholdtwp.k12.nj.us
Klusewicz, Ryan Physical Education 4589
Krupp, John 8th Grade Social Studies 4549 jkrupp@freeholdtwp.k12.nj.us
Logan, Bridgid 7th Grade Science 4512 blogan@freeholdtwp.k12.nj.us
Loges, Karen Health Office Assistant 4108 kloges@freeholdtwp.k12.nj.us
Lupo, Cristina 7th Grade ELA 4517 clupo@freeholdtwp.k12.nj.us
Makaro, Tim 8th Grade Science 4545
Maloney, Erin Guidance A-L 4115
Manning, Mike Lead Custodian 4557
Marini, Bonnie Special Education   bmarini@freeholdtwp.k12.nj.us
Matthews, Carmen Teacher Assistant  
McCormick, Colleen Physical Education 4573
McGrath, Allison Special Education  
Minter, Maureen Special Education 4503
Murphy, Lynsey Special Education 4503
Nappi, Joelle Reading Specialist 4555 jnappi@freeholdtwp.k12.nj.us
Pacitti, Mike Custodian  
Petner, Tony Custodian   tpetner@freeholdtwp.k12.nj.us
Preston, Anne Teacher Assistant  
Pringle, Kathy Teacher Assistant  
Rapisarda, Jackie Teacher Assistant  
Reed, Kathy 6th Grade ELA 4565 kreed@freeholdtwp.k12.nj.us
Rieg, Karen Studio Art 4554 krieg@freeholdtwp.k12.nj.us
Riordan, Mary Pat Special Education 4553
Ryan, Jesse Vocal Music 4537 jryan@freeholdtwp.k12.nj.us
Sammy, Chris Special Education 4502
Sattler, Meaghan Digital Arts 4515
Snow, Amelia Special Education   asnow@freeholdtwp.k12.nj.us
Staiger, Melissa 6th Grade Math 4562
Sultana, Zofia Lunch Aide    
Trebour, Kaitlyn 8th Grade ELA/Reading Specialist 4544
Turner, Dana 6th Grade ELA 4570 dturner@freeholdtwp.k12.nj.us
Van, Holli 8th Grade ELA 4522
Volosin, Christine 7th Grade ELA 4518
Wagar, Alba Spanish 5413 awagar@freeholdtwp.k12.nj.us
Weber, Kerry 6th Grade Social Studies 4567 kweber@freeholdtwp.k12.nj.us
Whirledge, Stephanie Reading Specialist 4593
Williams, Chris Physical Education  
Wolek, Rachel Custodian   rwolek@freeholdtwp.k12.nj.us
Wyrwa, Christen Instructional Coach ELA & SS   cwyrwa@freeholdtwp.k12.nj.us