Rs and Stars

Respectful, Responsible & Ready to Learn
The Rs and Stars program at Eisenhower Middle School is a school-wide model for defining, teaching and recognizing positive student behavior.

Eisenhower Middle School students are expected to be:

* Respectful
* Responsible
* Ready to Learn

The goal of Rs and Stars is to create a positive learning environment that encourages and supports pro-social student behavior.

Research has shown that behavior is like any other skill; it must be taught in order for students to be able to successfully display it on a consistent basis. Expected behaviors are specifically defined, taught directly to all students, and acknowledged regularly. Modeling and recognizing positive behavior is associated with decreases in challenging behaviors.

The Rs and Stars program involves utilizing positive, proactive, and practical interventions to produce socially desired behaviors. Our general expectations include being Respectful, Responsible, and Ready to Learn. These terms have been further defined in each setting of the building and lesson plans have been developed in order to clarify these expectations with students. At the beginning of each school year we hold a school-wide "Kick-Off" during which students are taught the behavioral expectations for each setting. After students are taught these behavioral expectations, staff is strongly encouraged to recognize students when they engage in making positive choices.

In addition to the "Kick-Off", booster sessions are held throughout the year in order to clarify expectations with students. Staff has personalized the Rs and Stars program as needed in order to complement the specific needs of the instructional setting.

Students are acknowledged for displaying positive behaviors in a variety of ways throughout the school year. They may receive a star slip, verbal recognition, an extended lunch period, or an ice cream social. Our staff is constantly looking for ways to acknowledge positive behavior.

How can you support the Rs and Stars program?

Talk to your child about the expectations at Eisenhower Middle School.

Ask your child what it means to be:

* Respectful
* Responsible
* Ready to Learn

Ask your child what he/she has done to meet those expectations.