Clubs and Activities

Academic Support Mr. Sammy [email protected]
Academic Team Mr. Krupp [email protected]
Band Mrs. Feldman [email protected]
Basketball (Boys)* (Winter) Mr. Ryan [email protected]
Cheerleading* (Winter) Mrs. Preston [email protected]
Chorus Mr. Ryan [email protected]
Coding Club Mrs. Force [email protected]
Cross Country (Head Coach)* (Fall) Mr. Caiazza [email protected]
Cross Country (Asst.)* (Fall) Mrs. Minter [email protected]
Cross Country (Asst.)* (Fall) Ms. Dermon [email protected]
Drama Mr. Goldstein - Co [email protected]
Drama Ms. Van - Co [email protected]
Drama Mrs. DiStasi - Co [email protected]
Field Hockey* (Fall) Ms. Bailey [email protected]
Floor Hockey Intramural* (Fall) Mr. Krupp [email protected]
History Club Mr. Krupp - Co [email protected]
History Club Mr. Clavin - Co [email protected]
Magic The Gathering Mr. Goldstein [email protected]
NJHS Mrs. Patmore [email protected]
NJHS Mr. Krupp [email protected]
Peer Leadership Mrs. Flickinger - Co [email protected]
Peer Leadership Mr. Krupp [email protected]
PBS Ambassadors Mrs. Blessing [email protected]
Soccer (Boys)* (Fall) Mr. Kale [email protected]
Soccer (Girls)* (Fall) Ms. Logan [email protected]
Soccer (Girls)* (Fall) Ms. Snow [email protected]
Student Council Mr. Krupp [email protected]
Spring Track & Field
Head Coach(Boys)
Mr. Kale [email protected]
Spring Track & Field
Head Coach (Girls)
Mr. Krupp [email protected]
Track & Field Asst. Coach Mrs. Gouveia [email protected]
Track & Field Asst. Coach Mrs. Minter [email protected]
Track & Field Asst. Coach Mrs. Snow [email protected]
Track & Field Asst. Coach Mrs. Turner [email protected]
Wrestling (Winter)
Head Coach
Mr. Klusewicz - Co [email protected]
Wrestling (Winter)
Asst. Coach
Mr. DiStasi - Co [email protected]
Yearbook Mr. Goldstein - Co [email protected]
Yearbook Mrs. Patmore - Co [email protected]